Reclaim your calm kit

After many months, I’m happy to say, my reclaim your calm kit is available on Etsy.     The purpose of the letterbox kit is to give you tools/coping strategies to use when out and about. Putting you back in control of your emotions not the other way round. Suitable for men, women, teens and with provenContinue reading “Reclaim your calm kit”

Manage your fear

Fear will always be present in our lives. It is a useful and necessary emotion, it gives a warning that there is a threat and it makes us look for a solution. But fear can become our worst enemy. If fear takes over, it can hold us back from making decisions that will lead toContinue reading “Manage your fear”

Stepping outside of my comfort zone

So ive been asked to be a Miba (Mums in business association) guest speaker for my local area. I immediately said yes as I felt honoured to be asked, but now im bricking it lol. Im one of those people, who will always put on a brave face, paint on a smile and the moreContinue reading “Stepping outside of my comfort zone”