Reclaim your calm kit

After many months, I’m happy to say, my reclaim your calm kit is available on Etsy.     The purpose of the letterbox kit is to give you tools/coping strategies to use when out and about. Putting you back in control of your emotions not the other way round. Suitable for men, women, teens and with provenContinue reading “Reclaim your calm kit”

Recognising eating disorders as a mental health issue

It’s estimated between 1.25-3.4 million people in the UK have an eating disorders. Of which 10% suffer with anorexia nervosa. Nikki Graham who sadly died yesterday was just one of them. Having an eating disorder is a mental health condition, but one that comes with so much shame and judgement. As with all mental healthContinue reading “Recognising eating disorders as a mental health issue”

Stop blaming weight for everything

💜 Invisible illness 💜 I don’t often use my social media to moan, as I prefer focusing on the positives in life but sometimes, I just need to vent and today’s the day I’m 50 – 5ft 1″ (I was 5ft 3 until my car accident) I wear a size 20 – 22 top andContinue reading “Stop blaming weight for everything”