Stop blaming weight for everything

💜 Invisible illness 💜

I don’t often use my social media to moan, as I prefer focusing on the positives in life but sometimes, I just need to vent and today’s the day

I’m 50 – 5ft 1″ (I was 5ft 3 until my car accident) I wear a size 20 – 22 top and 18 bottoms.. I’m classed as extremely obese and my outline looks more like Gru than a supermodel, but for the first time in my life I’m happy with who I am as a person inside. Do I like my appearance? No but I’m working on that. Am I fat? No, I have fat, there is a difference because my weight doesn’t define me.

So why am I telling you this (and no I don’t want help to loose weight), because I so sick of people suggesting that if I lost weight my illnesses would be as a bad. As if loosing weight is the answer to everything. Do I wish I could do more exercise? Yes, I used to be very active but the truth is, I’m fortunate to have walked away from my car accident, as the land rover defender that hit me in a stationary car, caused so much damage to my body that from the top of my head to the back of my knees, nothing was where it should be. I lost height, due to my neck collapsing, which resulted in my head being so far forward and my arms having no reach. 15 yrs later, as they expected my spine is crumbling and I have arthritis in my hip. Add to this a twisted stomach, breathing issues (due to very little neck and a sliding hernia), fibromyalgia brought on by an early hysterectomy and early menopause, cfs/me resulting in extreme fatigue and my list of health issues is beginning to read like an encyclopedia.

So would being lighter, help my illnesses? Very possibly, but I’ve not gained weight by stuffing my face. My weight gain has been due to medication and my body not allowing me to exercise.

I could choose to try to loose weight by trying to exercise more but have no life the rest of the time, I would be bed bound in agony and exhaustion or I can do what I’m doing, helping others with their mental health, empowering women to feel better about themselves, and teaching the world, they can lead a healthier, toxin free greener, life.

Published by Natural self Clare

Mum, wife, daughter & friend. I'm also a self-care & anxiety practioner. I`ve overcome child abuse, eating disorders and will always be a mental health warrior. Im also married to an amazing man, who suffered a emotional breakdown 6 years ago which resulted in social anxiety disorder (a battle he is beginning to win). I also have an amazing beautiful teen daughter who has high function autism. Mental health affects so many of us and manifests itself differently in each of us as we are all unique. Writing my thoughts down and practising self care every day has been my saving grace I hope with time, this blog will help anyone who needs support and allows me an outlet when my life becomes overwhelming. Feel free to comment anytime, as its important we all learn to share what we are dealing with and our misguided thinking. x

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