What’s the connection between sleep and mental health?

At night, your skin switches from ‘protect’ mode to ‘repair’, and it’s time for the skin to recover from the day’s stresses. Melatonin and human growth hormone (HGH) production are boosted, which in turn accelerates skin regeneration and the production of antioxidant enzymes. Therefore, it’s perfect to have your skincare routine up and running with the products that are right for you every evening at the very least!

A great cleansing, toning and moisturising routine (ABC) is brilliant to help you unwind at the end of the day, especially if you finish with our award winning, age defying, firming night cream concentrate…. ‘Skin Dream’ 💜
🌿Packed full of plant ceramides & bio retinol to help restore skin’s elasticity by working within the skin’s deeper layers and boosting cell growth. Murumuru butter is one of the unbelievable ingredients too that provides intense nourishment, then, bisabolol and beta-glucan, leaves your skin feeling calm and soothed too🤗

Stressed, anxious, tense, negative, restless, foggy thoughts or generally just a bit down, chances are you may be struggling with getting a good night’s sleep!


There are essential oils which help with ALL of these things! These are:
💜 Lavender 💜 Rose Geranium 💜 Rosemary 💜 Chamomile 💜 Rosewood 💜 Frankincense 💜 Eucalyptus

All of these ingredients can be found in our “DREAM TEAM”, so, its not just about sleep 😴 its about soothing the mind too!

Our dream team collection is THE sleep inducing answer for helping press the pause button….. such brilliant value for money and a perfect gift for so many too

💜 So Sleepy Pillow mist
💜 So Sleepy Temple balm
💜 Aromatherapy unwind hand creambalm


Published by Natural self Clare

Mum, wife, daughter & friend. I'm also a self-care & anxiety practioner. I`ve overcome child abuse, eating disorders and will always be a mental health warrior. Im also married to an amazing man, who suffered a emotional breakdown 6 years ago which resulted in social anxiety disorder (a battle he is beginning to win). I also have an amazing beautiful teen daughter who has high function autism. Mental health affects so many of us and manifests itself differently in each of us as we are all unique. Writing my thoughts down and practising self care every day has been my saving grace I hope with time, this blog will help anyone who needs support and allows me an outlet when my life becomes overwhelming. Feel free to comment anytime, as its important we all learn to share what we are dealing with and our misguided thinking. x

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