Stepping outside of my comfort zone

So ive been asked to be a Miba (Mums in business association) guest speaker for my local area. I immediately said yes as I felt honoured to be asked, but now im bricking it lol. Im one of those people, who will always put on a brave face, paint on a smile and the more nervous I get, the more silly I get. So anything could happen on the day. But that’s me, and I wont pretend to be anything other than that. Which I guess is ironic, as my subject is whats you USP – what makes you different, what makes you stand out?

So other than picturing people naked (which I soooooo don’t want to do, these are mums and if its anything like my baby body, its not something I wish to see) or standing there with a bag over my head, has anyone any proper advice about public speaking?

Facing your fears isn’t easy but im gonna hold on to the fact that the thought of fear, is worse than the fear itself and its a great opportunity & an amazing learning curve even if I go bright red, babble like a baby, then trip up on way out. So send positive vibes my way and ill let you know how I go on.

Thanks xoxo

Published by Natural self Clare

Mum, wife, daughter & friend. I`ve overcome child abuse, eating disorders and will always be a mental health warrior. Im also married to an amazing man, who suffered a emotional breakdown 5 years ago which resulted in social anxiety disorder (a battle he is beginning to win). I also have an amazing beautiful teen daughter who has high function autism. Mental health affects so many of us and manifests itself differently in each of us as we are all unique. Writing my thoughts down and practising self care every day has been my saving grace I hope with time, this blog will help anyone who needs support and allows me an outlet when my life becomes overwhelming. Feel free to comment anytime, as its important we all learn to share what we are dealing with and our misguided thinking. xoxo

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