This is me

7th October 2019

I had to entitle this first post “This is me” as I think it resonates with so many of us, but I also considered singing out loud “Who am I?” from Les Miserable, another film I love. I cant promise I wont be singing while writing this  but ill save you from hearing me (for now hehe)

I’m a Tropic skincare ambassador, but I’m also a Mental health warrior and supporter.  While doing my day to day job, I come into contact with so many people of all ages, that suffer with varying degrees of mental health issues.  As someone who suffered with eating disorders for most of my life (finally feel I’ve beaten it) I learnt that for me, that was a way of allowing me to splurge as I didn’t feel I could or was allowed to talk about what I was really feeling and dealing with.

Various things over the last few years, have aided my recovery.  Not that I don’t still get depressed, I do and I will always rely on my low dose of anti-depressants, but learning to understand myself, finding a role that allows me to be me, alongside my family showing and making me feel loved, has had a powerful effect and I just want,  no just, I NEED to get all those thoughts and feelings on paper (I can pretend this is paper, as I type faster than I write and my ocd, about checking my grammar and spelling, has an outlet.

Thank you for reading and coming on this journey with me.

Published by Natural self Clare

Mum, wife, daughter & friend. I`ve overcome child abuse, eating disorders and will always be a mental health warrior. Im also married to an amazing man, who suffered a emotional breakdown 5 years ago which resulted in social anxiety disorder (a battle he is beginning to win). I also have an amazing beautiful teen daughter who has high function autism. Mental health affects so many of us and manifests itself differently in each of us as we are all unique. Writing my thoughts down and practising self care every day has been my saving grace I hope with time, this blog will help anyone who needs support and allows me an outlet when my life becomes overwhelming. Feel free to comment anytime, as its important we all learn to share what we are dealing with and our misguided thinking. xoxo

3 thoughts on “This is me

  1. Not going to lie, its been hard but ive also had to learn to do it my way rather than how everyone says to do it. Ive focused on loyal customer’s rather than large pampers. Im a craxt northern girl so ive played on that. Just be true to you and be honest. Xx


  2. Hi there! I’ve just signed up to be a tropic ambassador but I’m socially anxious and don’t know that many people. I was wondering how you’re dealt with mental health and selling the tropic products? Thanks xx


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